Volunteer Centre

To help draw people into the Volunteer Centre, Tangent created a block of anamorphic text, using the official typeface. Hand painted across the ceiling and walls, the message “JOIN IN” is only visible from a single vantage point at the centre’s entrance. The text appears to warp and stretch as the viewer goes further in, becoming an energetic abstract graphic that helps convey the excitement of the volunteer experience. The volunteering recruitment drive went on to set a new record for volunteer applications – more than the combined applications for both the previous Melbourne 2006 and Manchester 2002 Games.

VolunteerCentre01 VolunteerCentre02 VolunteerCentre04 VolunteerCentre05 VolunteerCentre06 VolunteerCentre07 VolunteerCentre08 VolunteerCentre09 VolunteerCentre10 VolunteerCentre11